Customer Testimonials

CareerNudge is focused on results and has had the distinct pleasure of helping clients overcome the issues that slowed and sometimes prevented outright success. Here’s what some of them had to say about us:

Mrs. MD, A-Phillips

Excellent, Passionate & Loyal Team!

CareerNudge Consulting, is no equal as far as I’m concerned in ensuring that they stop at nothing until your dream is realised. In terms of trust and earning customer loyalty, you’re excellent. In professionalism and expert advises, you stand out!

Indeed, you’re Career solutions provider of all seasons. I wish the CareerNudge Team greater heights.

I can confidently recommend your services to the whole wide world!

Thank you.

Mrs. Yemi B - Nigeria (Admissions - Holland College, PEI)

Very Good Customer Relations

It is my priviledge to say something about the CareerNudge Consulting. I was introduced to them by a client and lo and behold their quick response in following up is amazing. Also they have a very good customer relations.

To crown it all they have a very good listening habit and sensitive to their client. Proud to know your company. Keep the good work going. More grace in life.

Busayo P - Japan (Admissions - Niagara College, ON)

Good Human and Customer Relations

I am highly honoured to write about CareerNudge Consulting. At the verge of giving up on my dreams and losing all my believes to further my education comes CareerNudge.

I was introduced by a third party, and from the day we got introduced, they have taken my application so serious and accurate. As it is now, I got my admission to a highly well recognized school in Canada.

I can proudly recommend CareerNudge Consulting to anyone. Thank you so much @CareerNudge.

Seyi O - Canada (Coaching & Mentoring)

Expert Advice, Always!

Through CareerNudge, I have received career advice, resume and job interview tips, self-growth tips, and guidance in almost every aspect of life. The experts on the team have contributed significantly to my career growth within Canadian financial institution.

I wouldn’t be where I am today without their help. The company has proven leaders who are willing to help at any cost.

Sean A - Canada (Coaching & Mentoring)

Invaluable Career Mentorship

CareerNudge contributed immensely to my career upshoot. I was confused as to how to forge ahead with my career when I came to Canada but with the invaluable career mentorship and coaching received at CareerNudge, I was able to choose the right career path towards achieving my ambition.

Today I work as a product specialist for one of the top financial institutions in Canada. Thanks again to CareerNudge!

Jekwe C - Canada (Career Advice)

Genuine, Sincere and Passionate

In helping people with career and job struggles, authenticity of intentions and honesty with your abilities are two very crucial traits. The reason is simple, if you promise someone that you will solve his problem when comes back tomorrow, he goes away feeling that his problem is 50% solved. If however he comes back tomorrow and you say “oh no! Something came up and I am sorry I can’t do anything”, you have increased his problem 200%.

Fortunately, that is CareerNudge! They tell you what the company can offer and they do what they promise. CareerNudge guides you through the trajectory to move forward and supports you as you navigate through the path. That has been my experience with CareerNudge.

Mr. O. Shonibare - Nigeria

Efficient & Top-Notch Services

With reference to the handling of my son’s application to study in Canada, I am very pleased to say that your efficient services are top notch. Interestingly, my son has been granted 3years student visa and admitted to Saskatchewan Polytechnic to study Electrical Engineering with ur guidance and assistance during our application processes.

My endless stress to obtain study visa for my son in Canada has finally come to an end as a result of ur commitment to deliver excellent services .

I make bold to say that your organization is organized, well – structured and transparent. You are a reliable School Admission agent and I can confidently vouch and recommend your services to anyone from any part of the world who wishes to study in Canada

Prince Abdul - USA (Admissions - Concordia University, QC)

Pacesetter in Admission Services

I am marvelled at the professionalism of the Consultants at CareerNudge Consulting. Working with them across continents to process my post-graduate admission went smoothly.

They have unique approach that enables them to deliver result and thus make them a pacesetter in this field

Mensah G - Canada (Business Proposal)

Healthcare Staffing Agency

I would like to express my gratitude and appreciation for the work you did for us on the proposal. Going into it we were at crossroads not knowing in what direction we were headed.

Through your guidance and your great advise we now have a proposal that we will be proud to take into our meetings; confident that we are putting forward a great summary about our company and what we are about. We are able to do this all in thanks to you.

So from us, here is a big thank for all your great work and the support.

Dapo O - Canada (Career Networking Event)

Great Job CareerNudge!

You answered every question confidently and thoroughly. The Church Youth Group (Visionaries) are looking forward to the next session and very happy on the concise explanation on resume writing and your great mentoring on Job searches.

Thank you for the time and looking forward to more sessions ahead.

Bayo O - Canada (Small Business Seminar)

Genuine Concern for People's Success

The presentation was deep and comprehensive, the faculties were very professional. I particularly love your patience and commitment to the program.

The way and manner you answered every question, left no one in doubt about your genuine concern for people’s success.

Omolola AP (Admissions - University of Windsor)

Excellent Services

CareerNudge Consulting has been my God sent angel to help me achieve my dreams.

They put in all the effort and determination that is required just to provide the best service.

CareerNudge, you are the best.