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HR Updates

The Hiring Bias That Nobody Talks About
Jack Kelly
FORBES Online Article

It’s a terrible feeling when you lose your job. To make matters worse, it is awful to be discriminated against because you’re out of work.

Government data touts that we have broken records of having the lowest level of unemployment in decades. The statistics conveniently leave out those who have exhausted their unemployment claims and still haven’t found a new job. These people, who need the most help, are conveniently ignored and treated as if they don’t exist, especially since it ruins the narrative of full employment.

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7 Actionable Tips To Improve Your CV
Online Aricle

When you apply for jobs, you need to keep one thing in mind: you need to make life as simple as possible for hiring managers.

Consider this: they’ve been sifting through dozens, maybe even hundreds of CVs. If your resume is difficult to read, or confusing, do you think they’re going to take that extra time to figure things out? They might, but odds are good they won’t. Hiring managers and recruiters need to quickly find the information that matters to them. So make that happen!

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Ways To Cope When You Are Out Of Work
Anne Emerick

I lost my job (at IBM) and then had a horrible stay in Unemploymentville. After writing Out-of-Work to Making Money: 21 Comeback Stories Every Job Hunter Should Hear, and hearing from nearly two dozen people who have been out of work, I’ve concluded that there are three things that can really rattle you when you’re jobless. And I have suggestions on how to deal with each.”

1. You Have No Control: Nothing says “you have no control over your life” quite like suddenly finding yourself involuntarily separated from your job.

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