Professional Advice that gets your career back on track

At CareerNudge, we offer general career support (in person, Skype and by phone) on a wide variety of career concerns. Our approach is to form collaborative partnership with our clients in order to empower them to take proactive roles and ownership of the career planning process.

Consultation to Determine Strengths and Weaknesses
Goal Setting for Greater Results
Identifying Choices in Careers

At CareerNudge, we seek to partner with you to develop career solutions that help change behaviors, enhance the effectiveness of your skill set, and drive long-term focus on a methodology of continuous improvement. Our practice is to provide the best services possible while we motivate our clients to take responsibility for decisions about their future career:

At CareerNudge, we use the following framework for our career advice with proven positive outcomes:

  • Creating a job search and/or career transition strategy
  • Providing career research and exploration resources
  • Developing professional marketing materials (resumes, cover letters, personal statements, academic letters)
  • Building a stronger professional network
  • Mock interviews and preparation
  • Tips on how to negotiate job offers